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CSR & Odisha Store

The corporate social responsibility is a concept whereby companies integrate social, environmental and economic concerns in their business operational and in their interaction with their stakeholders and in particular the communities in which they work. The Company’s corporate social responsibility policy (hereinafter referred as “Odishastore CSR policy”) takes account of its economic, social and environmental impact in the way it operates as a business by demonstrating our commitment to corporate social responsibility, the company aims to align its business values, purpose and strategy with the needs of our customers and various other stakeholders, whilst embedding such reasonable and ethical principles into everything it does.

In the aforesaid backdrop, “Odishastore CSR policy” is broadly framed taking into account the following measures:-

  1. Welfare measures for the community at large, so as to ensure the poorer section of the society derives the maximum benefits.
  2. Contribution to the society at large by way of society development, imparting education training social awareness especially with regard to economically backward class for their development and distribution of necessary clothes/foods item to the poor society in rural areas of the country.
    1. The main objective of the CSR policy is to lay down guidelines for the company to conduct the business process for sustainable development of the society at large, further it aims to enhance and implement the society welfare measures in a well-structured manner on short as well as long term basis with a vision of making Company a Good Corporate Citizen.

The poor and needy section of the society, living in different parts of Odisha broadly areas like small town /village/rural area would be covered.

For CSR activities 80% budgeted amount should be spent on activities more specifically mentioned herein below, within the radius of 50 KM of the office/outlets/fulfilment centres etc.; of the Company and the remaining 20% should be spent in other areas/ locations, as per the directions of the Board of Directors/CSR Committee of the Company.


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