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Pipili work-Applique art of Odisha

Applique work is one of the oldest craft done using fabric. There are many forms of applique work practiced in India, among those,Pipali work of Odisha is an ancient one. Odisha is famous for some unique art like,Patachitra  , also famous for some fabric art like making of hand woven Ikkat and Pipli work.

Pipli work : Colorful applique

Pipli work is colorful.Almost all colors are used in this.

Origin of Pipli applique art:

This art of applique dates back to 10th century AD. The Pipli is a village near Bhubaneshwar (the capital of Odisha). This place is the origin of Pipli applique art. This handicraft is related to the famous Jaganatha Yathra of Puri. History says that this colorful applique work was done to decorate  Jagannatha Ratha and temple during rituals.
After independence , this art  of applique work started declining, because of the loss of royal patronage.  But now it is again in demand , as the artists have started making many household and decorative items like bedsheets,purses, , wall hangings, pillow covers, lampshades and tablecloth using Pipli art.

Patterns and Motifs used in Pipli work:

In making pipli applique work, the traditional colors Red, Yellow , Green and Black are used. But nowadays, to accommodate current users’ requirement , other colors are also used. Traditionally the motifs used are flowers, birds, elephant, vine designs ,geometric patterns etc. This is embellished with mirror work. We can find many variations in this applique art. Recently I visited an exhibition.

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